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Slovakia’s big automotive industry boom, centralized in Western Slovakia (VW Bratislava and Peugeot Trnava) and neighboring regions of Hungary (Suzuki Esztergom, BMW/Mercedes Györ), and the construction of Land Rover directly in Nitra have created, together with increased direct competition from new suppliers near these companies, enormous pressure to raise manufacturing quality, modernize production processes and continually improve production efficiency.

In addition to routine activities, our company’s management is constantly making great strides toward furthering the professional growth of its employees to cover rising labor shortages, preparing and retraining production staff and not in the least providing satisfactory social and working conditions for all staff.

New automated installation technologies have been purchased and put into operation, absolutely ruling out manual tin plating, and which include selected waves, laser marking and cutting-edge testing applications (AOI, EOL). The introduction of them included reconstruction and upgrading of production sites, with air conditioning added. New, advanced aluminum vapor deposition technology for coating plastics financed also through EU funds is further contributing toward SLUŽBY’s modernization and the large range we offer.

Production primarily focused on the manufacture of fuse boxes and both exterior and interior lighting necessitated another major investment in the testing and validating of a product as it was designed and developed, and even during production itself. This testing facility enables us to cut the time of product development and preparation by 50%, obviously at lower cost.

Management needs to consider further expanding capacity in light of high tender activity, with project management bidding alongside other system suppliers for 110 contracts at automotive concerns VW and GM. The anticipated increase in production demands further expansion of production facilities, additions and further education to the control system and new investments.

Another challenge is to reconstruct production facilities after printed circuit board manufacturing was shut down, develop manufacturing and fully deploy a new, modern robotized line for laser soldering to manufacture optical fiber. In addition to the large investment, this increases value added labor productivity to a large degree, saving already insufficient manpower.

At this time, our company is distributing its products, which in most cases we are developing for 38 customers in the EU, two in Slovakia and seven in countries on other continents. An expanded network covering 67 suppliers in Slovakia, 79 in the EU and three in other countries adequately reflects the activities of our top commercial network. Standing behind all this is a highly sophisticated professional management, led by the company’s executive director.

Evidence of continuous improvement, higher quality work areas and better social and pay conditions at Služby and how effective they have been can be seen in the 80% of the workforce retiring from our company after many years of service to it.

We seek from all management staff each day to continually provide the maximum conditions for them to work, live and develop within our company. They are our pride and it is in our interest in these very challenging times for them to be satisfied as they come and go from our sites.

I wish success and prosperity to everyone that has taken the accomplishments of Služby Nitra s.r.o. to heart and thank them for the work they have done.

Dipl. Ing. Ján Fülöp

Managing Director SLUŽBA NITRA, s.r.o.